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21 Australia

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Q: oh good well i cant wait till you put more on! you seriously have the best taste in music. hope you're feeling better xxx

You know what you just made me feel so happy so thank you and message me when you see them ok :) 

asked by Anonymous

Acai bowl🍓 #CultureBean (at Culture Bean Cafe)

Q: what nooooo why did you get rid of your songs i always come to your blog just for the music!! dont get me wrong i like the song you've got but there's only one :( :(

AWWWW really do you?!! I was gonna add a whole new list and i just did one for now until i find a whole new bunch. Im glad you like it but you’re so cute i melted 

asked by Anonymous

Idk if you read but after my previous posts, i was meant to see my friend and she said can we hang later tonight and i said yes and got ready its been hours and now i got snapchats of her drunk at a party

today fckin rulesss

Q: sucks so much about your bad day but know that your loved and tomorrow certainly is a new day and there are plenty of good things in your life to come and don't let it all pull you down to much because you dont deserve to have your day filled up with disappointment and negativity because thats just life being extremely cruel to test you but life will reward your strength with beautiful days to come xxx

I’m losing my mind excited for those beautiful days :O

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i love this skirt

pretty brunch (at The Stables of Como)
Q: I'm so so sorry! Sorry you're scared, sorry you're doubting yourself, sorry about today. All I can say is that from your blog I know enough about the real you, the deep-inside you, to know for sure that you're an truly awesome person, a wise old crone in the body of a beautiful young woman. Stay strong and hang on. Don't let go of your dreams! xoxoxo

you are so beautiful. i wont forget this message

asked by Anonymous
Q: Feel better): tomorrow is a new day x

i know. i just have to move forward even though it sucks xxx

asked by marbleblonde